Beaumont National Park

Beaumont National Park

Beaumont National Park, located on picturesque Pender Island in British Columbia, is a natural paradise waiting to be explored. This serene park offers a variety of outdoor activities and stunning natural beauty, making it a perfect destination for nature enthusiasts and tourist, The park boasts lush forests, pristine beaches, and breathtaking coastal views. You’ll find diverse flora and fauna, making it an ideal location for birdwatching and wildlife enthusiasts.


  1. Hiking: Explore the park’s well-maintained trails, such as Mount Norman Trail, which offers stunning panoramic vistas of the surrounding islands.
  2. Beachcombing: Enjoy the tranquility of the park’s pebble beaches and discover unique seashells and driftwood.
  3. Camping: Beaumont Park offers rustic campsites for those looking to immerse themselves in the wilderness. Remember to book your site in advance.
  4. Picnicking: Pack a picnic and relax in one of the designated picnic areas while taking in the beautiful views.

Tips for Visitors:

  • Make sure to bring appropriate clothing and footwear for outdoor activities.
  • Respect the park’s natural environment and wildlife by following Leave No Trace principles.
  • Be mindful of park regulations, including campfire restrictions and waste disposal.

Getting There:

  • Access to Pender Island is primarily by ferry. BC Ferries operate routes to Pender Island from Vancouver Island (Swartz Bay and Tsawwassen) and the mainland (Tsawwassen).
  • Once on Pender Island, follow the signs to Beaumont National Park.

Hours and Fees:

  • The park is open year-round, but services and facilities may vary by season.
  • Visit the official Beaumont National Park website or contact the park office for the latest information on hours and fees.

South, Pender Island, BC

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Beaumont National Park