Saturna Island

Saturna Island

Saturna Island is a hidden paradise known for its unspoiled natural beauty, serene atmosphere, and abundant wildlife. The island, which is part of the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, offers a perfect escape for those seeking outdoor adventures, tranquility, and a deep connection with nature.

Key Attractions and Activities:

  1. Hiking: Saturna Island boasts a network of well-maintained hiking trails. Notable routes include the Mount Warburton Pike Trail, which rewards hikers with panoramic views of the surrounding islands, and Narvaez Bay Trail, which leads to a pristine beach.
  2. Marine Activities: The island is a haven for boating, kayaking, and sailing. Explore the coastline, paddle through calm bays, or go on a marine wildlife-watching adventure. The waters around Saturna are teeming with marine life.
  3. Wildlife Viewing: Saturna Island is a prime spot for birdwatching and marine wildlife encounters. Keep an eye out for orcas, humpback whales, sea lions, and a variety of seabirds, including bald eagles.
  4. Parks and Beaches: There are several parks and beaches on the island, including East Point Regional Park, which is renowned for its rugged shoreline and lighthouse, and Winter Cove, a peaceful bay for swimming and picnicking.
  5. Art and Culture: Saturna has a vibrant arts community. Visit the Saturna Island Heritage Museum to learn about the island’s history and the local art galleries to appreciate the creative talents of the island’s residents.
  6. Winery Tours: Saturna Island is home to a couple of wineries, offering tours and tastings. Enjoy local wines in a scenic vineyard setting.

Facilities: Saturna Island provides essential amenities, including accommodations, restaurants, and a general store. However, it’s essential to come prepared with groceries and supplies, as options are limited compared to larger urban centers.

Getting There: To reach Saturna Island, you can take a BC Ferries vessel from the mainland (Tsawwassen) or from nearby Vancouver Island (Swartz Bay). Ferry schedules vary by season, so it’s advisable to check the BC Ferries website for the most up-to-date information.

Hours and Fees: Saturna Island is accessible year-round, but services may vary by season. Ferry fees apply, and it’s wise to make reservations if traveling during the peak summer months. Many outdoor activities on the island are free of charge, but tours and specific attractions may have associated fees.

Note: Saturna Island is a place to disconnect from the fast-paced world and immerse yourself in the natural surroundings. Please respect the local environment, wildlife, and the island’s unique culture during your visit. Enjoy the tranquility and the unspoiled beauty of Saturna Island.

 105 E Point Rd, Saturna, BC V0N 2Y0