Kennedy Lake

Kennedy Lake

Kennedy Lake is a serene and picturesque destination nestled within the pristine wilderness of Vancouver Island. This glacier-fed lake is known for its crystal-clear waters, lush forested surroundings, and a range of outdoor recreational opportunities. Whether you’re interested in water activities, hiking, or simply enjoying nature, Kennedy Lake has something to offer for visitors of all interests.

Key Attractions and Activities:

  1. Swimming and Watersports: The lake’s clear, freshwater is perfect for swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and stand-up paddleboarding. The calm waters are great for both beginners and experienced water enthusiasts.
  2. Fishing: Kennedy Lake is renowned for its fishing opportunities, with a variety of fish species, including trout and salmon. Anglers often visit the lake in pursuit of a great catch.
  3. Hiking and Picnicking: The area around Kennedy Lake offers several hiking trails, including the Rainforest Trail, which provides a captivating journey through old-growth rainforest. There are also designated picnic areas where you can enjoy a meal amidst the natural beauty.
  4. Scenic Drives: The drive to Kennedy Lake itself is scenic, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding forests and mountains. The Kennedy Hill viewpoint, on the way to the lake, provides panoramic vistas of the lake and its surroundings.
  5. Camping: While there is no campground directly at Kennedy Lake, there are nearby camping options in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, including Green Point Campground, which offers both front-country and wilderness camping experiences.

Facilities: Kennedy Lake does not have extensive facilities on its shores. Visitors should come prepared with their own equipment and supplies, especially if planning to spend extended periods near the lake.

Getting There: To access Kennedy Lake, follow Highway 4 (Pacific Rim Highway) from Ucluelet or Tofino. The lake is easily accessible by road, and there are parking areas near the lake’s shore and trailheads.

Hours and Fees: Kennedy Lake is typically open year-round for recreational activities. There may be seasonal variations in accessibility and conditions, so it’s a good idea to check with the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve for current information on hours, fees, and any park regulations.

Note: When visiting Kennedy Lake, please respect the natural environment, practice Leave No Trace principles, and be aware of local regulations for activities like fishing. Enjoy the tranquility and natural beauty of this pristine freshwater lake on Vancouver Island.

Kennedy Lake, Alberni-Clayoquot, BC