Ammonite Falls,

Ammonite Falls,

Ammonite Falls is a hidden gem nestled in a lush forested area, offering a serene escape into nature for outdoor enthusiasts. The falls are a popular destination for hikers, photographers, and anyone seeking a tranquil day in the wilderness.

Key Features and Activities:

  1. Hiking: The primary attraction is the scenic hiking trail leading to Ammonite Falls. The trail winds through a beautiful forest, following the banks of Benson Creek. It’s a moderately challenging hike with some steep sections, making it suitable for hikers of various skill levels.
  2. Photography: Ammonite Falls and its surroundings provide excellent photo opportunities. The cascading waterfall, lush greenery, and the creek create a picturesque setting.
  3. Wildlife Viewing: While on the trail, keep an eye out for local wildlife, including birds, deer, and other forest creatures. It’s a great spot for birdwatching and wildlife photography.
  4. Swimming: In the warmer months, some visitors enjoy taking a refreshing dip in the pool at the base of the falls. However, exercise caution, as water conditions can change with the seasons.

Trail Information:

  • Trailhead: The trailhead is accessible from Jameson Road, where you’ll find a small parking area.
  • Trail Length: The hike to Ammonite Falls is approximately 5 kilometers round trip.
  • Difficulty: The trail is moderately challenging with some steep sections and uneven terrain. Proper footwear is recommended.

Facilities: Ammonite Falls is a natural area with no facilities, so be sure to come prepared with essentials like water, snacks, and any necessary gear. There are no restrooms or garbage disposal facilities, so practice Leave No Trace principles and carry out all trash.

Getting There: To reach Ammonite Falls, drive to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. From Nanaimo, head southwest on Highway 1 (Trans-Canada Highway) and take the exit for Nanaimo Lakes Road. Follow Nanaimo Lakes Road to Jameson Road, where you’ll find the trailhead.

Hours and Fees: Ammonite Falls is typically open year-round, but trail conditions can vary with the seasons. There are no entrance fees to access the falls or the hiking trail.

Note: When visiting Ammonite Falls, respect the natural environment and avoid disturbing the wildlife and vegetation. Be cautious while hiking, especially during wet or slippery conditions, and always let someone know your hiking plans. Enjoy your time exploring the tranquil beauty of Ammonite Falls!

Ammonite Falls, Nanaimo, BC V0R 2H0