French Beach Provincial Park

French Beach Provincial Park

French Beach Provincial Park is a stunning coastal park that offers visitors the opportunity to experience the rugged beauty of Vancouver Island’s west coast. With its sandy shoreline, lush forests, and picturesque views of the Pacific Ocean, the park is a haven for nature lovers, hikers, beachcombers, and anyone seeking a tranquil escape from city life.

Key Features and Activities:

  1. Beachcombing: The park is famous for its pebble and sand beach, which stretches for over a kilometer. It’s an excellent spot for beachcombing, picnicking, and simply enjoying the sounds of the ocean.
  2. Hiking Trails: French Beach offers several scenic hiking trails that wind through the coastal rainforest. The Juan de Fuca Marine Trail, which is part of the Trans Canada Trail network, passes through the park and provides opportunities for longer hikes.
  3. Wildlife Viewing: The park is home to various wildlife species, including eagles, seals, and even the occasional whale offshore. Birdwatchers will find the area rich in birdlife.
  4. Tide Pools: At low tide, explore the fascinating tide pools along the shoreline, where you can discover an array of marine life, including sea stars and crabs.
  5. Picnic Areas: French Beach has designated picnic areas with tables and restroom facilities, making it an ideal place for a family picnic with ocean views.


  • Picnic tables and shelters.
  • Restrooms with flush toilets.
  • Parking lot.
  • Interpretive programs (seasonal).

Getting There: To reach French Beach Provincial Park, take Highway 14 (also known as the West Coast Road) from Victoria or Sooke. The park is well-signed and easily accessible by car. There is ample parking available.

Hours and Fees: The park is typically open year-round, but services and facilities may vary by season. There is a day-use fee for entry, which can be paid at the park entrance. It’s advisable to check the official BC Parks website for the most up-to-date information on hours and fees.

Note: Please respect the natural environment by staying on designated trails, refraining from removing or disturbing wildlife or plants, and following all park regulations. Remember to pack out what you pack in and leave no trace. Enjoy your visit to French Beach Provincial Park and immerse yourself in the coastal beauty of Vancouver Island!

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